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Kristin Farrell


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  • Painting / Drawing
  • Photography
  • Glass
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Kristin Farrell is a Salem-based artist who began her creative practice at a young age. Inspired by the beauty in the world around her, Kristin’s art reflects her interest in travel and love of nature. With a passion for trying new things, Kristin’s work spans a range of mediums which include photography, ink, charcoal, acrylic paint, watercolor, and stained glass. You can follow her on Instagram @atelier_kaf
Artist Statement
Kristin's artwork is an eclectic array of styles using a variety of mediums. From realism to more abstract expressionism, Kristin's works are inspired by the natural world. In her free time, Kristin can often be found traveling, climbing mountains, spending time outdoors, and dreaming up her next piece of art.
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