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Internship Program

For current students or recent graduates.

Salem Arts Association is pleased to offer its internship program open to any college or graduate student who is interested in working for and learning about a non-profit arts organization, including exhibitions, public relations, educational workshops, graphic design, grant writing, and events in the community. Internships are a great opportunity to network while getting professional experience and references for future work opportunities. Salem Arts Association offers internship openings for Spring, Summer, and Fall. Please see the information below. For any questions, contact us at

How to apply

To apply for the Salem Arts Association Internship Program, please email the following information to

  • Resume outlining your education and work experience.
  • Cover letter briefly explaining why you’d like to be a Salem Arts Intern and which skills you’d like learn as well as which skills you can contribute.
  • Indicate whether you are seeking a Summer, Fall, or Spring internship.
  • Indicate whether you are available on weekends*.
  • Provide your faculty advisor contact information. 

*Much of the work at Salem Arts takes place on weekends.

Internship details

  • Internships are non-paying, however complimentary one-year memberships will be granted to all interns. Membership benefits include being able to sell your art at Salem Arts and participate in exhibitions, events, and workshops.
  • Internship duties include assisting the exhibition space and art sales several times a month from 12noon to 6pm on Saturdays or Sundays. The internship also includes hands-on experience in a chosen area of expertise, such as grant writing, graphic design, assisting curating shows, web design, membership drives, public relations, event coordination, education, marketing, etc.
  • All interns will report to the Salem Arts President and/or work closely with a Salem Arts supervisor/mentor to tailor an internship that matches career interests.
  • Interns generally work for 120 hours total over 3-4 months.
  • Internships can be used to receive academic credit at a college or university. Internships that are completed for 3 credits have the same responsibilities as internships that are not done for college credit.

Salem Arts Association
159 Derby Street 
Salem, MA 01970  
Phone: 978-745-4850 

Weekends 12-6pm

Closed: Christmas, Thanksgiving
and New Years Day 
Parking: on street when available


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159 Derby Street, Salem MA 01970