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Board of Directors 

Officers of Salem Arts Association Board

First one-year term

Artist member since January 2023

President of the Board

Anastasia Alter (She/Hers)

I believe that art belongs in everyday life, accessible to anyone so inclined. Creating avenues for artists to connect with each other, the public, and with potential buyers enhances our community and culture at all levels.

Through art I have learned that people value how you think more than what you know, and that most folks would rather be eaten by sharks than speak in public. These two ideas have been foundational in building my career and how I spend my time.

I am currently a Sr. Director at an enterprise software organization. I run a team that is responsible for the retention and growth of a $73M customer portfolio. In addition to helping businesses identify and achieve their business outcomes, I facilitate customer leadership councils, develop internal trainings, and mentor individuals seeking career growth. 

Outside of work I have held terms with three non-profits as a Board President, Board Member, and Community Director. During my terms these organizations successfully worked through an RFP to win a consolidated business contract from Harvard University, implemented new business plans to improve cashflow and employee retention, and significantly grew memberships numbers. 

It is my honor to leverage my skills in service of Salem Arts Association to ensure a strong future for this impactful organization.  

Vice President: Vacant

You may nominate yourself or someone you think would be a great VP. Nominees will be interviewed by the Board of Directors for consideration in 2024. If you are interested in a leadership role at Salem Arts Association Please contact

Duties include:

    • Support the work of the President
    • Oversee the day-to-day Operations.
    • Create agenda for Operations meetings 
    • Work closely with committee leads

    First one-year term

    Appointed September 2023 as Interim Treasurer

    Artist member since 2021

    TreasurerVanessa R Thompson (She/Hers)

    Vanessa R Thompson is a film photographer and holds a career as a Human Resources/People Operations Professional dedicated to building and supporting a strong collaborative, inclusive company culture.

    She received an MFA at the Art Institute of Boston in 2005. Since then, she has been involved in a number of collaborative gallery spaces in the Boston area and throughout New England.

    Secretary, 2023

    First one-year term

    Secretary: Edward Morneau

    Edward Morneau is a retired teacher of thirty-five years, and has been committed to creative endeavors in art, music, writing, and travel. His education is steeped in the areas of English (BA), speech (Fellowship), and film (MS). Edward has taught English, media studies, film studies, and coached and produced theatre arts throughout his career. As a musician he has performed in various contexts--solo and ensembles--and has composed, recorded, and produced numerous CD's--the most recent ("Jacquerie") was included as one of twenty of the top CD's of 2022 by "Metronome Magazine."

    Edward Morneau has written several books--plays, parodies, novels, poetry, and illustrated works. One of the latter, "Marks Twain's 'The War Prayer'," was commissioned by Salem State University's Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies (CHGS), and featured over forty collages illustrating this famous anti-war poem. It was exhibited at the university's Berry Library for four months in 2019-20. He has had other showcases for his collages and has been profiled and reviewed in "The Noise," "It's All About Arts," and "Metronome Magazine," and has been reviewed as a collagist in "The Transcript Newspapers." 

    Salem Arts Association Board of Directors

    Salem Arts is seeking board members and committee persons who are energetic and qualified to help us guide the association in to the future. 

    Contact with referrals.

    Third Two-Year Board Member Term

    Board Member since 2019

    Member since 2019

    Timothy Brown (He/Him)

    Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer, Northeast Arc.

    Tim’s passion has always been assisting people to succeed. Currently, Tim is the Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer at Northeast Arc, where he is part of a dynamic team that helps positively change the lives of 15,000 people with disabilities.

    Tim’s tenure at the Northeast Arc spans over 30 years. Projects have include the development of ArcWorks Community Art Center, Breaking Grounds Café, Peabody’s Black Box and revitalization of 28,000 square feet of mall space. Tim created parcels, a retail store supporting artists/entrepreneurs with disabilities and autism from around the globe. Tim developed and implements the annual Arc Tank, an international social innovation challenge that has awarded over $1million dollars.

    Tim also serves on the Executive Committee for the Peabody Cultural Collaborative, Executive Committee for North Shore Children’s Museum and President of the Friends of the North Shore Children’s Museum. Tim also serves on Peabody Main Streets Promotions Committee, MA Innovative Task Force and the Massachusetts Partnership for Transition to Employment. Tim is on the Advisory Board for the Behind You, Salem and Center for Public Representation’s Supported Decision-Making Advisory Council. Tim is involved in local and regional chambers of commerce. 

    Tim frequently presents in regional, state and national conferences on topics including system change, collaboration and partnerships. An innovator and change leader, Tim has judged social innovation challenges for MassChallenge, the Social Innovation Forum, Remarkable and EforAll. Tim co-leads hack-a-thons at Suffolk University. Tim was awarded the 2022 Program Innovation Award by the National Council of Executives. 

    Tim accredits his success to a critical and analytical thought process, developing strong collaborations and partnerships and always willing to roll up his sleeve and be a part of the solution.


    Board Member since 2023

    First two-year term

    Member since 2022

    Evan Dooley (He/Him)

    Evan Dooley is the consultant, paralegal, manager, and creative visionary who serves as Founder and Principal at Dooley Paralegal & Consulting. For almost 20 years he has served as a consultant for businesses, law firms, attorneys, creative individuals, and talent – bringing his broad experience for the strategic direction and execution of business, legal and creative projects. 

    In addition to his legal expertise he has been at the forefront of political campaign management as well as at the inception of innovative products and services – most recently being a partner developing an IoT device. Prior to founding DPC he worked in marketing for Sony Music Entertainment and in public relations and local/national marketing for one of the world’s top promoters and live entertainment corporations. He later became that corporation’s National Venue Sales Coordinator, assisting in venue sponsorships and co-branding efforts for over 100 live entertainment venues nationwide.

    Today, he continues to consult with businesses and creative individuals on general business, talent management, strategy, marketing, and development and his personal business designing lifestyle clothing and home decor.


    Board Member since 2023

    First two-year term

    Member since 2022

    Joseph A. Ferrari, Esq. (He/Him)

    Joseph A. Ferrari, Esq. – is the Contracts Manager / Deal Manager for Oracle America, Inc and serves on the Board of Directors for Salem Film Fest.  He completed his undergraduate degree in Film/Radio/TV and Political Science from University of Wisconsin Madison.  

    He holds a degree in law (Juris Doctorate) from New Hampshire School of Law and is admitted to the bar in Maryland and Illinois.  In addition to his experience in negotiaton and contract management Mr. Ferrari has extensive experience working in the legal and political fields.  He also brings extensive experience in sponsorship, grants writing and non-profit management  from his work with the Salem Film Fest.     


    Board Member since 2024

    First two-year term

    Member since 2024

    Deborah Greel

    Deborah Greel was the City of Salem’s first Public Art Planner and the former Executive Director of the Marblehead Arts Association. 

    Now “retired”, she serves on the Board of Directors of the North Shore Community Development Coalition and the Corporate Committee at the Peabody Essex Museum.  For the City of Salem, she serves on the Licensing Board and Community Preservation Committee. 

    Deborah’s husband, John Wathne, is a structural engineer in historic preservation and a realist painter.   Both she and John are strong supporters of the arts and proud members of the Salem Arts Association.

    Board Member 2019 - 2023

    Second two-year term

    Artist Member since 2019

    Nathan Lewis (He/Him)

    Nathan Lewis is a curator and independent arts organizer with national recognition. Throughout his career, he has developed a diverse range of artistic experiences, including museum exhibitions, intimate performances, academic symposiums, and community art events.

    Nathan has held significant positions in various institutions, such as the Director of Exhibitions and Public Programs at the Montserrat College of Art, the Head Curator for the Salem Art Gallery at TST, the Gallery Manager at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and the Coordinator for both the McKnight Visual Arts Fellowships and Jerome Foundation Fellowships for Early Career Artists.

    In addition to his curatorial practice, Nathan has taught at colleges and universities across multiple cities, engaging with graduate, undergraduate, and continuing education students.

    Nathan holds a Masters in User Experience, a Masters in Fine Arts, and a Bachelors in Studio Art. He currently resides in Salem, MA, with his wife and three cats.


    Board Member 2019 - 2023

    Second two-year term

    Member since 2022 

    Gretchen Sinnett (She/Her)

    Gretchen Sinnett is an Associate Professor of Art History and Chair of the Art + Design department at Salem State University.  Her courses explore how art and visual culture both reflect and help shape the societies from which they emerge.  

    She believes that close looking and visual analysis benefit students in all disciplines and especially enjoys teaching courses that draw students from across the university.  For many years her American art students have conducted a civic engagement research project with the Danvers Historical Society, providing hands-on experience with art and material culture.  

    Her scholarship focuses on representations of girlhood and adolescence in 19th-century American art.  She lives in Melrose with her husband, two Siamese cats, and her son when he is home from college. 

    Second Two-Year Term - 2023

    Artist member since 2018

    (Student Board Appointee)

    Erin Survilas (She/Her)

    Erin Survilas is an award-winning artist and student at Monserrat College of Art.  A beloved member of the community Ms. Survilas joined Salem Arts Association when still in high school.  She is familiar with both the organization and the needs of younger artists.  Although grounded in classical painting traditions her art work looks to the future and expresses her unique point of view.  Ms. Survilas acts as a liaison between the Board of Directors and student artists.   


    Salem Arts Association Board Affiliates

    Board Member, Emeritus

    Past President 2017-2020

    Vice President 2016

    Board member since 2014

    Fourth two-year term on board

    Artist member since 2009

    James Bostick (He/Him)

    Director of User Experience Design and Researcher at Carrier Corporation, Fine Art Photographer, Arts Administrator, Owner, Gallows Hill Artist Studios.

    Bostick is an active Salem artist with a focus on fine art photography. In his Gallows Hill studio Bostick creates images ranging from Infrared photographs inspired by historic landmarks to his theatrical “Salem Arcanum Tarot” project. Other themes include still life, studio figure photography, and experimental photo techniques. Images by James Bostick have been exhibited globally and are included in many private and public collections. 

    Bostick’s professional career spans more that 30-years leading cutting edge design projects involving user-centric practices to deliver communication strategies, state of the art software, and interactive experiences for Fortune 500 companies including Carrier Corp, United Technologies, Dell, EMC, and Gateway Computers. 

    He earned his Masters of Arts form Pennsylvania State University, Bachelors of Fine Arts form Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Studied at the Villa Caproni School of Fine Arts in Rome Italy, attended Millersville University, an has an Associates Degree in Fine Art form Bucks County Community College.


    Become an Arts Leader at Salem Arts Association. Join the Board of Directors or Lead a Committee.

    Salem Arts Association succeeds on Volunteer efforts from our members. This requires a few members to lead committees, take on board roles, and contribute to the overall strategies and success of the organization. We’re rewarded by building a community of great creative energy and talent, which comes with many friendships and the pride of making something truly special happen. 

    Please consider taking on one of the following leadership roles at Salem Arts Association. 

    • Board Vice President
    • Board Member
    • Shop Manager
    • Shop Inventory Manager
    • Membership Lead
    • Events Lead
    • Education Committee
    • Public Relations Lead
    • Development and Fundraising Committee

    Read Position Descriptions

    Contact with your area of interest. Current leadership will be there to train you and make sure you have the information and resources to succeed. 


    Salem Arts in entirely operated by volunteers. If you are interested in helping please contact any committee chairperson listed below to see who you can participate. 

    Operations Committee

    • Operations Committee meets monthly with all committee chairpersons to plan and manage activities and programs.

    • Executive Committee
    • All Committee Chairpersons

    Finance Committee

    • All things money

    • Vanessa Thompson, Treasurer Elect
    • Erin Jackson, Association Bookkeeper

    Development Committee

    • Researches and writes grants.
    • Solicits cash & in-kind donations.
    • Identifies and pursues sponsorship & other fundraising opportunities.

    • Evan Dooley, Co-Chair
    • Deborah Greel, Co-Chair
    • Vanessa Thompson,  Treasurer
    • Executive Committee

    Exhibit Committee

    • Develops procedures & policies for gallery operations.
    • Manages volunteer exhibit committees for each show. 
    • Develops call for art. 
    • Install exhibitions. 
    • Take in and register art submissions.

    • CJ Karch, Co-Chairperson
    • Daniel Breslin, Co-Chairperson
    • ad hoc - committee is formed for each exhibition

    Retail Committee

    • Develops procedures & policies for retail operations.
    • Manages & maintains retail space and events.
    • Trains gallery shop volunteers.
    • Manage Gallery and Shop volunteer schedule.

    Events Committee

    • Works with Exhibitions Committee to plan receptions. 
    • Plans and executes performing arts events (music, dance, theater, etc.)
    • Plans and executes literary events (readings, storytelling, etc.)
    • Plans and executes special events (e.g., Arts Festival.)
    • Works closely with Exhibitions and education committee chairpersons.
    • Need Chairperson
    • Sara Ashodian, Services Coordinator, Artist in Residence
    • Volunteers needed for this committee. Please contact us. 
    • ad hoc - committee is formed for each event

    Communications Committee

    • Identifies and pursues alternative ways to create a buzz.
    • Produces and distributes marketing materials, newsletters, etc.
    • writes and distributes press releases.
    • Contributes content for website.

    • Need Chairperson
    • Committee members needed for PR, Media relations. Please email if interested. 

    Social Media COMMITTEE

    • Identifies and pursues alternative ways to create a buzz.
    • Manages social media. 
    • Keeps community event calendars updated.
    • Contributes content for website.

    • Phe Needham, Co-Chair
    • Nathan Lewis, Co-Chair

    Membership Committee

    • Processes new applications & renewals
    • Recruits new members
    • Works with other committees to recruit & coordinate volunteers
    • Need Chairperson

    Education Committee

    • Manage workshops and other learning opportunities
    • Work with members who wish to conduct workshops. 
    • Education outreach to schools. 
    • Manage Salem Arts Scholarships.

    • Need Chairperson

    Technology Committee

    • Creates and maintains the website; trains and supports committees in Website updates.
    • Administers Wild Apricot (our website & membership management system).
    • Plans for, manages, and documents our IT infrastructure.
    • Provides technical assistance & training to Board & Committee members.
    • Works with committees to assess the IT needs of our programs & activities.

    Facilities Manager

    • Handles facility upkeep and maintenance 

    • Jim Bostick, Facilities Manager

    Salem Arts Association
    159 Derby Street 
    Salem, MA 01970  
    Phone: 978-745-4850 

    Weekends 12-6pm

    Closed: Christmas, Thanksgiving
    and New Years Day 
    Parking: on street when available


    © 2007 - 2024,  Salem Arts Association is a 501(c)(3 )non-profit organization

    159 Derby Street, Salem MA 01970