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Paul Nathan Gallery and Museum

We're proud to host the largest collection of Paul Nathan artworks in the world. Nathan's unique process starts with acrylic paintings which are then photographed and composed as collage creating a whimsical and wonderful world uniquely their own. 

Visit PaulNathanArt.com for more of Paul Nathan's marvelous work.

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Paul Nathan Artwork List

 Artist Title Medium Inventory ID Price
Paul NathanLarz Anderson Automobbile Museum - 2016Acrylic Painting, Photograhic CollagePNGM_PXN_01$1,800
Paul NathanChateau, Loire Valley - 2016Acrylic Painting, Photograhic CollagePNGM_PXN_02$900
Paul NathanTupper Mansion, Endicott College - 2015Acrylic Painting, Photograhic CollagePNGM_PXN_03$1,800
Paul NathanMuseo Internacionale de Art - 2015Acrylic Painting, Photograhic CollagePNGM_PXN_04$900
Paul NathanICA Boston - 2015Acrylic Painting, Photograhic CollagePNGM_PXN_05$900
Paul NathanGuggenheim, New York - 2015Acrylic Painting, Photograhic CollagePNGM_PXN_06$900
Paul NathanLa Scala - 2018Acrylic Painting, Photograhic CollagePNGM_PXN_07$600
Paul NathanRocket Ship - 2016Acrylic Painting, Photograhic CollagePNGM_PXN_08$1,200
Paul NathanCircus Acts #1 - 2016Acrylic Painting, Photograhic CollagePNGM_PXN_09$175
Paul NathanGolden Herons and Hatchlings - 2019Acrylic Painting, Photograhic CollagePNGM_PXN_10$175
Paul NathanSalem Trader - 2017Acrylic Painting, Photograhic CollagePNGM_PXN_11$1,200
Paul NathanLa Guardia Footbbridge - 2017Acrylic Painting, Photograhic CollagePNGM_PXN_12$350
Paul NathanCustom House Bicentenial - 2019Acrylic Painting, Photograhic CollagePNGM_PXN_13$1,800
Paul NathanOcean Liner - 2018Acrylic Painting, Photograhic CollagePNGM_PXN_14$500
Paul NathanIcebburg Surfing - 2019Acrylic Painting, Photograhic CollagePNGM_PXN_15$125
Paul Nathan28 Motorworks - 2017Acrylic Painting, Photograhic CollagePNGM_PXN_16$150
Paul NathanViejo Old San Juan - 2015Acrylic Painting, Photograhic CollagePNGM_PXN_17$100
Paul NathanCzarinas Gift ro Czar Faberge 1908 - 2016Acrylic Painting, Photograhic CollagePNGM_PXN_18$125
Paul Nathan2 Carat Marquesa Cut Diamond - 2014Acrylic Painting, Photograhic CollagePNGM_PXN_19$100
Paul NathanFirst Day of School - 2012Acrylic Painting, Photograhic CollagePNGM_PXN_20$150



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