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Welcome to a new year and a fresh perspective from our member artists!  The Spring Member’s Showcase is a collection of projects and pieces in an open themed showcase of our member artists' new work and favorite creations.

    Our Spring Member Showcase exhibit features 134 pieces of art by 64 artists. This makes it one of the largest exhibit we've ever displayed. 

    We're also celebrating the opening of the "This is Trans" exhibition.

    Opening Night Reception:

    Featuring Original Music by Christine Baze

    Friday, March 1, 2024, 6:00-8:00 PM

    Join us as we kick off our 2024 season with amazing art exhibits, live music by Christine Baze, and assorted treats and beverages. Meet the artists and your art loving community at Salem Arts.

    Christine Baze has an energy and light that is unmistakeable. Her velvety voice and love of rhythm and melody combine to create songs that are infections to anyone who listens. Bouncing behind her keys or standing solo singing from her heart, Baze pulls you into a colorful emotional journey that makes you stop, listen, and feel.

    Enjoy Christine Baze live on Vocals and keyboard.

    Liz Nofziger

    Liz Nofziger is a site-specific installation artist whose work examines relationships to space within the physical, architectural, political, and pop-cultural landscape. Employing a broad range of media including video, sculpture, light, audio, found material and text, viewer investigation completes her work. Nofziger received her MFA from the Studio for Interrelated Media at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, MA. She currently teaches at Montserrat College of Art.


    "Road Monster" by Janet Schwartz 

    I was instantly captured by the familiar scene of overtaking a garbage truck barreling down 128 through a cloud of salt and spray. I can almost feel the vibration of my tires and hear the rumble of the truck's engine. This quotidian moment is rendered with accuracy and care in pastel, the reality of our waste production softened through a murky winter windshield. I love it.

    - Liz Nofziger, Guest Juror

    "Guadelupe the Warrior" by James Trevino

    The haunting glassy side-eye to a focal point we cannot see, the unearthly light, and the soft sadness of the mouth drew me into this work. The figure feels like a protagonist in a sci-fi novel I’d like to fall into. I am especially drawn to the combination of smooth brushwork in contrast to the movement of poured and pooled paint with the broader strokes of a palette knife. 

    - Liz Nofziger, Guest Juror

    "Gina" by S Murdock

    In this choice I was again drawn to a strong figure who isn’t concerned with me, the viewer. This radiant person exudes confidence and clarity, gazing to the side with calm focus. The lovely simplicity of the lines of the robe read so clearly and offer great cover to the dimensionality of the body within.

    - Liz Nofziger, Guest Juror

    From women who are up to something and feel like they could be my ancestors, to digital distraction at a dinner party where no one connects (but Disney princesses must work), identifying the honorable mention awards was tough. I was pulled into an image that holds the weight of experience upon a face photographed with the care and chiaroscuro of Rembrandt, street photography with layers of eyes and portals, drawn through a literal window into a playfully rendered view of New England past, and kept coming back to a work starting with an irregular (found?) wood form and line drawings of baseball players in the spotlight, with a nod to portholes. These disparate works all drew my fancy, and I am pleased to share them with you.

    - Liz Nofziger, Guest Juror

    "Dinner is Served" ("Excuse Me Sir!!")

    by Frank Nagorka 

    "Mystery Morsel"

    by Frank Nagorka 


    by Karen Gourley Lehman 


    by Zoe Jansen 

    "Spring training"

    by Mike Lash 

    "Derby Wharf"

    by Russell Findley 

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