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Salem Arts Association Presents 2022 Scholarships to Three Local Graduates, Arianna Shalhoub, Lena Faeskorn, and Leena Sarhan

Friday, June 17, 2022 4:00 PM | James Bostick (Administrator)

Salem Arts Scholarships are awarded each spring. This year Salem Arts Association is proudly presenting three scholarships to local students who will attending college in the Fall, with a focus on the arts. 

We invite you to attend our Salem Arts Association Scholarship Award Presentation at our gallery, 159 Derby Street, at 1:00 PM on Saturday June 18th

The recipient of the 2022 Ellen Hardy Memorial Arts Scholarship is Lena Ruth Faeskorn. Lena is graduating her homeschool program and will be attending Savannah College of Art and Design. 

Our Ellen Hardy Memorial Scholarship has been awarded since 2018 to a graduate from any Salem school, or a student member of the Salem Arts Association working in any visual art, performance, and multi-media. 

Miss Faeskorn will focus her education in film and television with a minor in music production. She’s specifically interested in documentary filmmaking. Lena’s multi-disciplinary background was enhanced through her participation in the film program at Raw Artworks in Lynn. A program that fosters growth for young and emerging talent in many forms of media and artwork. Being homeschooled her entire life has given Lena a self-directed and independent spirit allowing her to form interests organically leading to a discovery that a career in art and filmmaking is her ultimate goal.  

She tells us in her application for the scholarship that “I would perceive this scholarship award as my hometown putting its trust in me to make good on my intentions, to work hard, and to share my creative work with a wider audience. It would be an honor and a privilege to attend SCAD knowing that the local arts community has my back”.

The recipient of the 2022 Paula Beaulieu Memorial Arts Scholarship is Leena Sarhan. Leena is graduating from Salem High School and will be attending Boston University. 

The Paula Beaulieu Memorial Art Scholarship awards has been awarded since 2014 to a Salem High School graduate working in the visual arts.

Leena Sarhan will be focusing her learning in the areas of printmaking and photography at Boston University. Much of Leena’s inspiration comes from her Palestinian lineage and growing up away from her family’s heritage. She expresses her creative output with editorial and artistic photographs depicting her ancestral and adopted cultures. Learning to become secure in her roots while living in America has been a journey that also produced creative output as her creative voice. Leena Sarhan refuses to suppress her Palestinian identity. We’re proud to recognize her courage and self-expression. 

In 2022 we introduced the new Creative Collective Innovation Award presented to a graduate from any Northshore school who demonstrates creative innovation in visual arts, performance, and multi-media. This award encourages inclusive innovation in any creative efforts and celebrates student achievements that take their talent to new places through interdisciplinary work, collaborations, breaking systemic boundaries, and creating outcomes beyond the traditional.

The recipient of the 2022 Creative Collective Innovation Award is Arianna Maria Shalhoub. Arianna is graduating from Austin Preparatory School and will be attending Tufts University. 

Miss Shalhoub impresses with a long list of accomplishments including National Honor Society recognition, Cheerleading Captain, Best Buddies Club Officer, and a host of volunteer and extra-curricular activities including sports and dance. She founded her school’s Animation Club and created commissions as a freelance illustrator. Arianna is a self-taught artist who picked up an interest in drawing at an early age. Her pride seeing her artwork on display as a young artist helped push her self-motivation. She also values writing composition, music, dance, video, theater, as well as animation and illustration. Arianna Shalhoub is a leader with an innovative spirit. It’s our honor to recognize Arianna’s innovation in visual and performing arts. 




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