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Holiday Showcase & Masters' Circle Exhibits

Salem Arts Association is excited to close our 2021 exhibition schedule with a showcase of our member artists. It's a great opportunity to consider the gift of art for your friends, family, or to treat yourself to something beautiful. Our current Salem Arts members are exhibiting their best work showing the community what we have to offer in all of our diverse styles and artistic disciplines.

On display through December 19, 2021. 

Opening Reception Friday November 12, 6-8 PM. 

Our Guest Juror

Dr. Franny Zawadzki holds a Master’s Degree in 19th century European Art from Hunter College, CUNY and a Ph.D. in 19th century American Art from The Graduate Center, CUNY. She specializes in the history of illustration and the printed image, printing technology, and 19th century art and aesthetic education. She taught art history at various universities, including Parsons School of Design, Hunter College, Seton Hall, and Texas A&M University. She is currently pursuing an MS LIS in Cultural Heritage Informatics at Simmons University, Boston, and is the Coordinator of Education for School and Family Programs at the Cape Ann Museum, Gloucester.


Masters Circle Awards

Robert Beauvais “Untitled”

Photography, $325

“The artist has created a piece that is ethereally soft, yet solidly structured, through delicate modeling of organic shapes. The eye is instantly drawn to the center of the artwork and focuses on the glowing monolithic form that nestles delicately over a dark void.”

- Dr. Franny Zawadzki, Guest Juror

Raymond Gilbert “Ripples”

Mixed Media, $400

This painting beckons the viewer to slowly unravel each layer and segment, forcing us to participate in the work of creation and understanding. The longer one looks at the painting, the more there is to see.

- Dr. Franny Zawadzki, Guest Juror

Heather Stewart “Portrait Study”

Oil on Canvas, NFS

This painting is an engaging arrangement of textural brushstrokes and a study in white and grays. Its moodiness counters what at first seems like a traditional portrait, giving way to an introspective depiction of the aging process.

- Dr. Franny Zawadzki, Guest Juror


These artworks embrace the textural possibilities of their medium and play with limited, but memorable palettes. From feathery grays to deep crimson to wavy clearness, each artwork captures the eye. For each, light is the main subject matter.

Ryan Kelleher “The Friendship” Oil on Linen, $6000

Ellen Garvey “Latticino” Blown Glass, $128

James Bostick “Pomegranate” Photography, $250

Holiday Showcase Awards

Kristen Kyle Anderson “La Nina, Oaxaca”

Oil Painting, $500

Enthralled by the scene before her, the little girl does not notice our gaze. Her head is framed by brightly colored, solid architectural details that provide compositional structure to a blurry, moving crowd. The viewer is immediately drawn to the bright teal that is masterfully balanced by the golds and reds. We can’t help but focus on her pink checks, open mouth, and wondering eyes.

- Dr. Franny Zawadzki, Guest Juror

Diane Fawley “Sunset on the Merrimack”

Pastel, $300

The artist has created a symphony in lavender and purple. They embraced the quality of the pastels, which is a perfect match for the atmospheric effects of the setting (or rising) sun. Even though there are leaves still on the trees, we immediately feel the coldness in the air.

- Dr. Franny Zawadzki, Guest Juror


Patricia Dunbar “Urban Oasis”

Watercolor, $1200

Composed of three separate sheets, this artist captured a sprawling view of a courtyard done en plein air. While the view is intended to be read as a continuous whole, the differences in colors and the mismatched lines creates an off-kilter composition that sets the triptych in motion.

- Dr. Franny Zawadzki, Guest Juror


Each of the artworks in this group embraces bold composition, monochromatism, and strong lines. These artists focus on the richness in tone that can be achieved through their selected medium.

Karen Hosking “Central Park in Winter” Photography, $245

James Bostick “Lantern Flowers” Photography, $200

Patricia Scialo “Nature Study” Silver Print, $700

Carol Galayda “A Moment in Time” Charcoal Drawing, 300.00

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