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Short Films by Luke St. Germaine

  • Friday, October 15, 2021
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Short Films by Luke St. Germaine

Friday October 15, 7 PM

Doors open at 6PM

Luke St Germaine is a Salem filmmaker who loves horror. Germaine's short films feature Salem locations and locals as actors. His goal is to make a feature film inspired by local mythology, and based in Salem. 

Join us for an evening of horror film screenings, meet the filmmaker and a few of the stars.  



“Final Girl”

Ten years after surviving a massacre, a Final Girl confronts the killer, desperately seeking closure- and revenge.

This is a twist on the Final Girl trope, imagining what happens to a Final Girl who can’t move on with normal life.  Of all the films, this one changed shape the most from start to finish- there's an unreleased original version where the villain doesn't even speak.   The original confrontation was in a basement but then the chance came up to shoot this in a creepy attic in Gloucester. It was so decrepit we had to clean a dead bird off the floor as we were setting up. 

Featuring Erik Rodenhiser and Sarah J. Mann

Luke St. Germaine, Producer

Edward M. Soto, Director

Kewan J. Harrison, Cinematography

10 Minutes, 2021

“The Face Crusher”

Beverly and Lynn try to scare each other with campfire stories, but after learning about a homicidal, masked psychopath Lynn is done with the story- but that doesn't mean The Face Crusher is done with her.

I made this for the Two Roads Brewery horror film fest, and we had to use certain props and lines of dialogue to qualify, as well as showing their beer.  It was the most fun to make, and the first one they showed to kick off their festival.  A sequel is currently in the works. 

Featuring Sheri Lee, Micheala Hillier, and Gabe Flavin

A film by Luke St. Germaine, Producer

10 Minutes, 2020

“Erica – A Short Ghost Story”

A woman is feeling unsure if she’s really alone in her new apartment. 

I shot this at my creaky condo in the Historic District,  where multiple people have felt a ghostly presence. Going through the footage afterward I saw a strange, dancing globe of light, so perhaps a real ghost made an appearance in this one, after all

Featuring Ashley Skeffington

A film by Luke St. Germaine, Producer

4 minutes, 2020

“The Ghosts on Upham Street – A Salem Short Film”

A grieving woman seeks closure with her dead best friend by hiring a quirky medium and finds herself between the world of the living and the dead.

The title was changed in post production after using a house on Upham Street for the location.  It was accepted into several film festivals, most notably “Shockfest”, who came to Salem for a live broadcast event, presented me with a laurel on the broadcast in front of the Witch Museum, and then took our group to Salem Cinema to announce Rob Zombie as that year's guest speaker.  

Featuring Sheri Lee, Ashley Skeffington, Kyle Gregory, Maddie Roth, and Rebecca Wolf

A film by Luke St. Germaine, Writer and Director

A Thornfall Society Production

Monte Torres, Cinematography

12 Minutes, 2019

“Order of the Hanged”

According to local legend, there is a secret order comprised of the descendants of the hanged witches. This is one of their stories.

The idea here was to show the touristy side of Salem and contrast it with a darker,  underground side- the possibility that if you go down the wrong shadowy alley that it’s not all fun and games.  To show the touristy side we took a camera through the Halloween crowd on Essex Street.  To show the underground side we recruited some locals, including someone we met at the bar the night before who wanted to make a cameo. The creepy opening song I chose is by the composer Peter Gundry and called “Salem’s Secret”. 

Featuring Joey Phoenix and Sydney Amanuel

A film by Luke St. Germaine, Writer and Director

A Thornfall Society Production

9 minutes, 2018



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