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We invited our our local artist to explore Salem’s history with witchcraft, religion, and Halloween. The resulting exhibit represents their diverse interpretations of the theme and how, by bringing them together, we create a collective understanding of it.


Opening Reception: Friday September 3, 6-8pm

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Our Guest Juror: Erica Feldmann

Erica Feldmann is the founder of HausWitch and co-founder of LightHaus magical cleaning products. She holds a Master's degree in Gender and Cultural Studies, with a research concentration in Witches.  Her innate interest in the connection between home spaces and wellness led to the creation of HausWitch in 2012. What started as a “micro budget + magic = makeover” interiors blog would eventually become a thriving brick and mortar shop and online community based in downtown Salem, MA. In 2019 Harper Collins published her book "HausMagick: Transform Your Home with Witchcraft." A Gemini Sun, Pisces Moon and Scorpio Rising, Erica lives with her wife and two cats in the heart of Witch City.

Best of Show: 

Eloise Augustin - Witch Direction

Seeing witches (and their cats) in full color is always a treat! This piece is so whimsical and fun, and such a departure from more traditional depictions of witches. We like to party too!

- Erica Feldmann, Guest Juror

Second Prize: 

Zenovia Limberakis - Witch's Room

It's hard not to vote for a piece that you wish you could shrink yourself down to live inside! The artist clearly put so much precision and care into this diorama, and I find myself wondering where each component came from!

- Erica Feldmann, Guest Juror

Third Prize: 

Steve Negron - the gardener minded his own business 

The texture and colors of this piece are beautiful, and the artist so perfectly captured a full moon stroll in one of Salem's gorgeous gardens. There's clearly an intense conversation going on here, and that gardener and I both need to hear the dirt!

- Erica Feldmann, Guest Juror

Honorable Mentions:

All of these honorable mention pieces honor our beloved Witch figure in such diverse, thoughtful ways. From a deceptively intricate "Witch's Shawl" to a cheeky crone brandishing a basket of Monsanto apples, from a skyclad nature worshipper to a haunting Persephonian still-life, each artist wove a magical story into their piece no matter the medium. True witchcraft doesn't require a wand or a broomstick, only the will to let your imagination fly, and how lucky are we to have these sorcerers of paint and fiber in our community! 

- Erica Feldmann, Guest Juror

Lianne Kamp - The Gift

Delia Faria - Witch's Shawl

Heather Stewart - Monsanto (Snow White's Witch)

Heather Stewart - Sacred Tools III

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