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The Salem Arts Association stands in solidarity with Ukraine and all Ukrainians here and abroad. Our organization’s building has a direct connection to the Ukrainian population here in Salem. By the late nineteenth-century, Polish and Ukrainian immigrants settled the area. Driven out of their homeland by various wars, famines, and political shifts, the Poles and Ukrainians came to Salem to work in the shoe and leather factories, and in other industries. 

Derby Street and the surrounding area was the home of Salem’s growing Slavic population. Our organization has a connection to the Ukrainian population here in Salem. Our building at 159 Derby Street was the location of the John Franco Society, Assembly 703 of the Ukrainian’s Workingmen’s Association, later the John Franco Ukrainian Society (1921-1934). St. Joseph’s Hall at 160 Derby Street and the Ukrainian’s Workingmen’s Association at 159 Derby Street provided newly arrived immigrants with community, housing, and job placement. 

These organizations provided the structural network that newly arrived immigrants needed in order to survive (SAA: 159 Derby Project ). 

In honor of our legacy, we urge you to donate to a charitable organization that directly supports Ukraine and Ukrainians. All the listed charities are registered in the USA and are 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit organizations. Donations and gifts are tax-deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations.

The Boston Mayor’s Office for Immigrant Advancement recently held an online Zoom event for Ukrainians in Boston who want to file for Temporary Protected Status. An immigration lawyer shared legal resources for loved ones in Ukraine. The event was recorded and can be found here:

Всі благодійні організації подані нижче зареєстровані в США. 

Внески та пожертви згідно з параграфом 501 (c) (3) звільнені від оподаткування.

For more information, please contact the Ukrainian Center of New England.


Razom for Ukraine & Ukrainian American Coordinating Council & Повернись живим

Donate to military-grade Helmets and Armory Vests for the Ukrainian Army and Territorial defense battalions


Revived Soldiers Ukraine

Donate to Treatment of the wounded and the provision of hospitals


Nova Ukraine

Donate to Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine


Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA)

Donate to Humanitarian Effort


United Help Ukraine

Donate to the Life-saving medical supplies to Ukraine's front lines


Sunflower of Peace

Donate to Tactical medicine



Donate to children, whose parents gave their lives in the Russian-Ukrainian war in Eastern Ukraine.






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