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Joanna Shellenberger


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Singer. Bassist. Dancer. Meditator. Performance Art. Installation.
Breath, I know that is a lot. I'm just trying to find more ways for all my worlds to collide.

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  • Mixed Media / Assemblage
  • Music
  • Performance
  • Film
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Selected Works include feature Belly Dancer at the Middle East (Cambridge, MA), Busty Galore burlesque performance at Lynn Raw Arts' Femme Nouveau Show and Koto (Salem), open mic features at Mercy Tavern performing music with just vocals and bass guitar, and belly dancer at Salem Arts Festival for six years and counting.

Areas of Study:

Belly Dance since 2003: Raks Sharki, American Cabaret and Spiritual Belly Dance. Studied with Aurel D'Agostino, Melina Pavlata, Dunya McPherson, Shadia Tohme, Lorraine Lafata, Elaina Lentini, Rhea of Greece and Nourhan Sharif.

Spiritual and Improvisational Dance since 2004: Dancemeditation Teacher Training (2009-2012) with Dunya McPherson and Embodying Soul with Corey Green McLaughlin since 2016

Improvisational Dance since 2012: Salem State University Improvisational Dance Class with Sarah Slifer Swift and Improv Roulette with Elizabeth Joy Morlani

Voice since 1993: Formal training, site reading and choral work (1993-1998), Musicial Theatre (1993-1997), Various private lessons in Choral and Pop Music. Salem State University Vocal Performance Class in 2012.
Artist Statement
Joanna is based in Lynn and performs in many forms from an intentional space. She is influenced by meditation, psychology and sufi practices. She incorporates passion and presence into her performances.
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