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Tyron Hawkins

Walnut Da Lyrical Geni


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Walnut Da Lyrical Geni

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Walnut-Da Lyrical Geni ‘aka’ Tyron Hawkins
PO Box 692, Lynn, MA. 01903
Contact info: dahgeni@gmail.com Phone: 781-910-2162

Walnut-Da Lyrical Geni is a singer/songwriter, producer, actor, comedian, playwright, music engineer and workshop presenter. Walnut has appeared in various films, and a reality show.
Currently residing in Salem Massachusetts, raised in Boston Massachusetts, and born in North Carolina. Walnut has been performing for over 30 years. Identified as a Hip Hop/ Poet who specializes in theatrical poetry.

Walnut wrote, produced and engineered two albums. entitled: ‘once tha shell is broken and ‘Love is In Your Face, and is currently working on his third. Walnut is always eager to get involved with various projects and giving a helping hand when needed. Walnut studied theater at Agit’Arte (Agitation through Art) improvisational theater. Although Walnut was always socially motivated; once he teamed up with Agit’Arte, his awareness for social change intensified; therefore his mission to raise consciousness was apparent. Another objective is to bring a better understanding to communities where there is not much exposure to the culture of Hip Hop and all of its supporting elements.
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