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Prima Vera & Image Imagination Exhibitions

May 1 through June 26

Primavera - from the Italian - "in the style of springtime."  In “Primavera” Salem Arts Association invited the community to share work in all mediums around the themes of the spring season, fresh starts, healing and any other interpretation applicable to this theme.  

Exhibition Dates: May 1 - June 26

Best of Show: Croquet Death Match by Steve Negron

Something has clearly gone awry here, but it isn't exactly clear what it is. Croquet Death Match takes a beloved springtime activity and adds a whimsical, dark overtone that intrigues the viewer. The masterful handling of paint is apparent in the textures and numerous tiny details.

Second Prize: Bird Nest by Nancy Barnes

This beautifully detailed depiction invites the viewer on a journey through the wispy swirls of the nest to the central focal point of the eggs. A true celebration of the beginnings of life. 

Third Prize: Space Blossom by Jeffrey William Lima

Shimmery, sinewy and sinuous, Space Blossom combines various media into a cohesive composition. This small piece encourages the contemplation of a broader perspective of the concept of springtime and renewal in the vastness of the universe. 

Prima Vera Honorable Mentions:

Renewal II by Diana Martocchia - Natural, organic ink flowing into pools of floral renewal

Trickster by Joy Campbell - Charismatic bird seems ambivalent towards the happy blossoms in the background

The Fenway by Heather Meri Stewart - Filtered springtime light glows sumptuously in an idyllic setting

Winter, Winter, Mud Spring by Jim Vaughey - Warhol goes New England! (with nice use of overlaid snowy bits)

Image / Imagination is an exhibit that considers the way the artist imbues artwork with their personal statement.  All art can be viewed as an imaginative interpretation of the physical world.  Exhibited work includes but is not limited to surreal art, fantasy art, dystopic images, wearable apparel that serves as a costume or disguise and masks.  

Exhibition Dates: May 1 – June 26

Best of Show: Danse de la Meduse by Kiki Taron Kinney

This wearable art piece captures the essence and wonder of the underwater ballet performed by medusa jellyfish and creates a connection to the comparable human expression of dance. The small details of the luminescent lights, beads, ribbon and exquisitely crocheted organic forms are reflected in the overall shape and glow of the entire piece. 

Second Prize: Flicker Light by Raymond Gilbert

In true surrealistic fashion, this piece effectively depicts the inner consciousness of the artist melding with material reality through color, overlapping shapes and forms that create a visual depth and contemplative space. 

Third Prize: Terrifying Medusa by Georgia Dee Kay

The commanding presence of this Terrifying Medusa seems to challenge gallery-goers to dare gaze upon her crocheted snake-locks and shapely bustier. This piece playfully brings a touch of goth culture to Greek mythology.

Image Imagination Honorable Mentions:

Tidal Marsh by Corinne Commoss Abercrombie - A quiet depiction of a place for quiet meditation

Epic Battles by CJ Karch - A darkly humorous theatrical tableau depicting authority throwing the book at a dissenting bird

Tribal Mask by Norman Gauthier - An explosion of detail, color and personality makes for an effective disguise

Theo X 2 by Karen Hosking - A small, humble and contemplative depiction of domestic tranquility

Wendy Gonick and Jeff DiPerna are a creative couple. In addition to their individual art practices, they are the husband and wife team behind tabula rasa, a boutique graphic design studio located in Arlington, Massachusetts.

Wendy is currently focusing on collage work. She is a member of the Concord Art Association and shows her work around the Greater Boston Area. She has won several awards from local arts organizations for her recent collages. When not creating art, Wendy enjoys spending time in nature, reading, gardening, swimming, exercise classes, and visiting museums and galleries. She is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design.

Visit Wendy online at - Instagram @wendygonick

Jeff is a reclusive artist whose work is rarely seen in public. He creates conceptual photo books and mixed-media collages and maintains an active sketchbook practice. He also creates electronic music and sound collage. A dedicated DIY artist, Jeff uses found materials and ordinary, inexpensive art supplies to create his work. He received training at Glendale Community College and Cal State Northridge.

Visit Jeff online at - Instagram @anrepidffej




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