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We invited our our local artist to explore Salem’s history with witchcraft, occult, and Halloween. The resulting exhibit represents their diverse interpretations of the theme and how, by bringing them together, we create a collective understanding of the themes.


Opening Reception: Friday September 15, 6-8pm

Featuring a music performance by Jenova 7

Our Guest Juror: John Andrews, Creative Collective MA

John Andrews, the founder and managing director of Creative Collective, firmly believes in the transformative power of creativity. His dedication to using creative solutions for complex problems has helped various industries, cities, and businesses improve their productivity and community relations.

John is an expert at bridging divides, uniting diverse groups of people to work towards a common goal. He values diversity and inclusion and believes the best creative outcomes stem from multiple perspectives. At Creative Collective, he devotes a significant amount of time to educating about the contributions of creative professionals to local economies and communities. He organizes and executes projects to strengthen the bonds between cultural preservation, economic development, and arts in towns, businesses, and organizations.

John Andrews is a dynamic force for organizations and cities looking to enhance their performance and community engagement through creativity. As a constant learner, he tirelessly seeks out novel approaches to employ creativity in solving problems. His rich experience in the arts and his interaction with business communities and city leaders give him a unique perspective on creative problem-solving.

Please Support Our Sponsors

The exhibition is sponsored by the Peabody Essex Museum and Pamplemousse Salem, who will be providing refreshments for the reception.

Peabody Essex Museum is a world-renowned located in Salem MA. Through its exhibitions, programs, publications, media and related activities, PEM strives to create experiences that transform people's lives by broadening their perspectives, attitudes, and knowledge of themselves and the wider world.

Pamplemousse is a European inspired gourmet market with lots of New England charm.  They strive to bring their customers the best products around including fine wines, craft beer, top shelf-liquors, gourmet food, kitchen gadgets and decor.  Pamplemousse has locations at 185 Essex Street in Salem, MA, and 26 Haven Street in Everett, MA.

"Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde" by Charles Lang 

Amidst Salem's vibrant art scene, the "Best in Show" piece, "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde" by Charles Lang, is a captivating representation of the October season. This artwork skillfully captures the essence of Fall in Salem.

At first glance, one is irresistibly drawn to the vivid jack-o'-lantern scarecrow. Its vibrant orange, purple, and green hues are genuinely captivating, showcasing the artist's skill.

Set against a weathered hill, the scarecrow exudes a captivating blend of whimsy and mystery. It seems like a guardian of Salem's enigmatic past, welcoming the enchantment of the present. The scarecrow's weathered appearance and enigmatic expression create an eerie yet inviting presence.

What distinguishes this piece is the brilliantly colored vials of potion encircling the scarecrow. Each vial radiates its distinct energy, evoking Salem's ancient mystical heritage—the stark contrast between the eerie and the vibrant leaves an indelible impression.

"Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde" transports viewers to a realm where the line between reality and magic becomes blurred. It encapsulates the genuine spirit of Fall in Salem, where history, mystery, and creativity converge. This artwork isn't just visually pleasing; it is a portal to Salem's enchanting world in October.

-- John Andrews, Creative Collective

"Maritime Times" by Dewa Raka-Goncalves 

The painting "Maritime Times" by Dewa Raka-Goncalves is a beautiful and haunting depiction of a ship in a stormy sea with unique autumn colors in the sky. The artist captured the power and beauty of nature in a way that is both awe-inspiring and terrifying. The waves and the sky dwarf the ship, and you can feel the spray of the water and the wind in your face. The colors of the autumn leaves are vibrant and alive, starkly contrasting with the dark and stormy sea. The painting is a reminder of the power of nature and the beauty that can be found even in the midst of chaos. A simile to what the Fall in October feels like to alot of people. 

The artist used various techniques to create a sense of movement and energy in the painting. The waves clash against the ship, and the sky is filled with swirling clouds. The artist also used various colors to create a sense of depth and dimension. The ship is dark and foreboding, while the autumn colors of the sky are bright and cheerful. The contrast between the two creates a sense of tension and excitement.

-- John Andrews, Creative Collective

"Mortimer, The Demon of Anxiety and Self Doubt" by CJ Karch 

Instantly, I felt like I could feel this little creature on my shoulder. At first, it resonated as an adorable little sculpture; however, adding the title to the equation almost immediately gave it a different, more personal perspective. 

The sculpture, expertly crafted by CJ Karch, is a testament to their mastery of form and expression. "Mortimer" is not merely a work of art but a mirror reflecting the inner turmoil (and demons) many individuals grapple with. The intricacy (and humor) of the demon's features and the whimsical nature of the sculpture capture the essence of these emotions with remarkable clarity.

 Set against the backdrop of the show's theme, "Mortimer" brings a unique dimension to the season. It doesn't rely on the typical Halloween tropes but delves deeper into the psychological aspects of October. It's a reminder that while Salem may be known for its spooky ambiance, individuals confront deeper, more personal hauntings during this time.

-- John Andrews, Creative Collective



by Susan Pulaski 

"Demon Family" 

by Emily Gleason 

"The Salem" 

by Valentina Oppezzo 

"Sanctified Ouija Board X" 

by Zenovia Limberakis 

"The Final Text" 

by Frank Nagorka 

"Whimsical Dismay" 

by Laurel Driskill 

"Black Spider Lace" 

by Therese DeVoe 


by Georgia Katsika 

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