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Three Exhibits for April May 2022

It's Go Time!

We're proud to announce three new exhibitions. “Go Away”, an exhibition of images inspired by travel and transportation, "Go Figure" an exhibit exploring the human form, And "Drawn Together", featuring artwork produced during the Drawn Together sessions.

Reception Date: Friday April 8, 6-8pm

Exhibition Dates: April 9 - May 14

It’s the Journey Not the Destination!

We're proud to announce  “Go Away”, an exhibition of images inspired by travel and transportation. It’s the journey not the destination. During this time when travel has been restricted for so many people we’ve invited artists to take us on a journey that captures the experience and adventure of going away.

“Go Figure”, is an exhibit of figurative artwork, work that represents something in the real world.  Although the main focus of the exhibit is traditional and non-traditional images of people including portraits and nudes - landscapes, cityscapes and still-lives are also on display.

Drawn Together: The Exhibit – Salem Arts Association is honored to host an exhibit of artwork produced during the Drawn Together sessions. Every Tuesday night since 2016 Sue Grillo and Beki Ferrar have put together uniquely eclectic scenes featuring live models as inspiration for drawing. Although initially at Gulu Gulu Café covid restrictions compelled them – with help from the wonderful people at Creative Collective – to switch to an online virtual Zoom! event. This is an exhibit of these drawings curated by Sue and Beki.

Deborah Greel was the City of Salem’s first Public Art Planner and the former Executive Director of the Marblehead Arts Association.  Now “retired”, she serves on the Board of Directors of the North Shore Community Development Coalition, the Steering Committee for the Creative County Initiative through Essex County Community Foundation and the Corporate Committee at the Peabody Essex Museum.  For the City of Salem, she serves on the Licensing Board and Community Preservation Committee.  Deborah’s husband, John Wathne, is a structural engineer in historic preservation and a realist painter.   Both she and John are strong supporters of the arts and proud members of the Salem Arts Association. 

Go Away Awards

"Shipwreck" by Heidi Kepnes

This powerful multi media work deserves time and attention.   There is much to discover and many ways to interpret depending on the viewer.  Are there clouds in the sky or are they mountains?   Connecting river, mountains, maps – nature/man interconnected in both profound and disturbing ways.

"Thingveliir #1" by David  Alexander 

The waterfall is in motion, which is beautiful, but one can’t help thinking of water as a finite source.  The black rocks tell that story as this water may well have covered them at one time.   The touch of blue skies may evoke possibilities and hope for the future.  

"La Tour Eiffel" by Karen Gourley Lehman

Positioned and beautifully captures a moment in time that otherwise may go unnoticed. 

Honorable Mentions

Jim Vaughey, Local Travel 

Dave Kaphammer, Vintage 

Mike Cangemi, Woodstock NH, The Summer Hole

Janet Schwartz, First Flight Out

Go Figure Awards

"Untitled" by Orysya Rudnyk

This gorgeous work appears to juxtaposition both wealth/gold and the lack of resources/white.   Is wealth overtaking us causing despair, hence the woman turning away?  Or is she on the edge of potential abundance but it can be an abyss?   Or is she being kept away from what she needs…..these are the mysteries in this painting.  

"Untitled" by Karen Gourley Lehman

Having had a daughter and twin granddaughters this portrait expertly captures girls on the cusp of growing up, their tween bodies not where they would like them to be so they wear the chunky heels, playacting the future.  

"Neon Orange" by Orysya Rudnyk

The bright orange is the first thing that one sees scanning the room.   But once up close the floating body, face not shown, can be all of us at the end of the day, either relaxing or releasing exhaustion.  

Honorable Mentions

Heather Meri Stewart, Untitled (Figure)

Amy Hourihan, Cloaks the Day

Sandra Golbert, Sprite III

Patricia Scailo, Campobello Island

Peggy MacNeil, Ladies, Key West

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