Gallery Information for Artist Members

Salem Arts Association offers several opportunities for artist members to share their artwork with the community. We have a Gallery Shop for retail sales and multiple gallery spaces for ongoing exhibitions. 

Each Salem Arts member submitting work this season will need to agree to our Artist Agreement in their member profile. 

Gallery Exhibit Information

Ongoing gallery exhibitions will be on display for one to two-month periods. New exhibits will begin each month with a reception the first weekend of each month. Take-in will always be held the last Sunday of each month. 

Visit our Calendar of Events for exhibition schedules. 

Use the links in each call for art to provide submission information.

Or Download and complete our take-in forms prior to delivering your work. 



(blank copies will also be available in the gallery.)

Gallery Shop Information

A Call for Art will on the same days as take in for exhibitions, typically the last Sunday of each month, to refresh the inventory and all Artists will be permitted to bring in new artwork and to remove/replace any & all older artwork. 

The Art Drop Off days will be the last Sunday from 12-3 pm.

Appointments always need to be made with the Gallery Shop Chair. 

No artwork for the Gallery Shop should be priced at more than $500.00.

All Artists are required to have a 1-page Artist Bio/Statement at the time of submission. Please bring a liberal supply of business cards.  

ALL Artists who display are required to volunteer  3+ hours/month for the Salem Arts Association.  To find volunteer opportunities, please email Or visit our Gallery Volunteer page for more info. 

Members may submit the following for the Gallery Shop:

  • 5 pcs. of framed artwork or wall hanging (20”x24” maximum size)**
  • 10 pcs. of  stand-alone jewelry, ceramic, pottery, glass, sculpture or wearables.
  • 15 pcs. of matted prints, cards, or publications.
  • Individual cards or boxes of cards will need their own display case and the Artist will need to discuss with the Gallery Shop Chair before leaving that artwork.*

Inventory sheets will need to be filled out and updated when entering or removing artwork

Gallery Shop Inventory Instructions

Gallery Shop Inventory Form (excel Spreadsheet) or Comma-separated values Spreadsheet

On a device with Office, simply click on the link above.

On a Mac without Office, click on the link above. It will open in "Numbers". When it is open you will notice you cannot use it yet. Hit the download icon in the top right corner. This will bring a little rectangular window to the bottom left of your screen, as when you download anything. If you click on it to open it, it will automatically switch to the "numbers" program. The spread sheet is now workable for you to use. After completing the inventory, you then "share" document with - but a little window pops up asking if you would like to convert it back to the original excel form and the answer is YES

On an iPad without Office, you can download Apple's spreadsheet program - "numbers" - if you're running IOS 11 (as of this writing).  Then proceed as above for a Mac.  Alas, Apple no longer supports new installation of Numbers for older versions of IOS.

If you do not have a spreadsheet app on your device, you can use "Google Sheets".  Just save the spreadsheet to your device, go to "google sheets".  Start a new blank sheet. click "File->open", then "upload" and select the saved file. 

If you really cannot produce a spreadsheet, you can click here to print this form, then fill it out and someone at SAA will create the spreadsheet for you.

1.      Artist:  Type your full name in the box next to Artist.
2.      Initials:   Type your initials in the box (e.g. Mary Elizabeth Jones = MEJ.  This is also the first part of your inventory ID).
3.      Inventory ID:  This is your 3 initials, then a dash, then the month, then item number. For example,  Jane Elizabeth Jones with three pieces in February would be:  MEJ-201, MEJ-202 and MEJ-203.  BE CAREFUL TO BE CONSISTENT WITH YOUR INITIALS.
4.      New Quantity:   Enter the quantity of the item you are submitting
5.      Category:  select “Shop”
6.      Description:  Enter a description of the item.  Include the title and medium of your work.
7.      Price:    Enter the price in dollars and cents.
8.      Taxable:   Enter Taxable, Yes or No.  Clothing is non-taxable. Most other things are taxable. 
9.      Date:   Enter the Drop off Date
10.  Variation: If your spreadsheet shows the column “Variation” LEAVE IT BLANK.
11.  Email the file to
12.  Deliver inventory to shop, along with a hard copy of the completed Excel Shop Take-in Form with you on designated drop off day.

    **The Gallery Shop will make every attempt to give equal display to all artwork accepted. However, it is a juried decision on acceptable art and will also depend on space available.

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    Questions and Suggestions

    Please email (retail questions) or (exhibit questions). 

    This is YOUR gallery, so help us make it the best it can be!

    Salem Arts Galleries and Gallery Shop

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