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Salem Arts Association Response to Covid-19 Pandemic and Public Outcry for Equality and Respect for Every Human Being!

Saturday, June 20, 2020, is the longest day of the year when the sun is at its zenith, a turning point in the earth’s rotation around the sun and for many a sacred holiday.  It is also the day that we opened the doors of our beautiful new galleries at 159 Derby Street to the public.  We will need to follow the protocols prescribed by the governor, common sense and our respect for others  - particularly those that are vulnerable populations.  Our volunteers and guests will need to wear masks.  The number of people allowed in the space will be limited.  

During these troubling times, it is important that we reiterate our values of inclusivity and respect for all people!  The doors of Salem Arts Association are open to everyone.  We affirm that Black Lives Matter and welcome everyone to our galleries.  So join us. Join us as a member. Join us as a visitor. Join us as a supporter. Come share your creativity - all the arts. Come share your thoughts. Come share you with us.

Conditions for Visitors and Volunteers

    1. We will practice strict social distancing with volunteers and expect the same from visitors. Ensure >6ft between individuals.
    2. Face covers are required by all volunteers and visitors. Volunteers will be asked to provide their own face protection or use provided disposable masks made available at the gallery. 
    3. Disposable gloves will be provided for volunteers and guests who with to handle items that are not pre-packaged or wrapper (like jewelry for example). 
    4. Customers must ask for assistance to handle merchandise and gloves will be provided as needed. 
    5. We will monitor customer entries and exits and limit occupancy at all times. Restrictions allow up to 16 people (8 per floor) in the building including volunteers. We will monitor entry and strive to maintain ten (10) guests at any time. 
    6. A physical transparent partition is installed at the checkout register where customers may need to swipe or tap to pay. We will encourage customers to use contactless payment methods whenever possible.
    7. We will offer gallery pickup for customers who have made online purchases. Curbside by request. 
    8. Traffic will be routed and restricted to a specific one way path through the gallery. The front stairs will be restricted to up-only traffic with the rear stairs reserved as exit path from second floor galleries. 
    9. Volunteers must disinfect shared equipment, such as cash registers before use by another volunteer.
    10. Public access areas, door handles, bathroom fixtures, and other frequently touched areas will be disinfected throughout the day.
    11. Visible signage is posted throughout the gallery to remind volunteers and guests of hygiene and safety protocols.
    12. Sanitizing supplies and hygiene products will be provided to volunteers and guests.
    13. Volunteers are strongly encouraged to self-identify symptoms or any close contact to a known or suspected COVID-19 case to Salem Arts leadership.
    14. Anyone with a cough, fever, or other symptoms of illness, have travelled internationally during the past two weeks, or had direct contact with anyone with a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19 (Coronavirus), please do not enter the Salem Arts Association galleries. 

We are working to follow the restriction information currently available for retail businesses as they apply to our gallery and shop and Massachusetts "Phase Two" requirements. 



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