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John Antonellis

Birth Place: Boston, MA

Mediums: Oils, Graphite, Acrylic, Metalwork.

Style: Realism

Subject: Portrait, Landscape, Mid-century themes

Traditional artist / illustrator living in the digital age. Designer, engineer, born and raised in Boston. Grew up thinking illustratively creating storyboards in my mind and drew three-dimensionally as a child.
Artist Statement
As an artist, I continually strive to create works that capture a moment in time, a mood, or rise of emotion.

I’ve had the great opportunity to work with some amazing artists whose most insightful comments and direction were typically best imparted after class. Painting for me has always been about telling stories, and each piece typically includes a narrative further illustrating and complimenting the work.

One only remembers the most impressionable and significant events of their youth. The years pass in a blur, yet several things remain vivid and vital in my soul. Of these things, I will paint my picture.

John Antonellis
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