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. Mary became interested in classical art forms and studied ancient mosaics under Master Lucianna Notturni in Ravenna, Italy. Since her return to the US, Mary has transitioned her work from the ancient mosaic form to a very unique, contemporary form of wall art using a ring saw to shape ceramic tile, marble and stone. Her art may also include other materials such as vitreous glass and Italian smalti (enamel impregnated glass) that are cut by hand! Mary has exhibited in a variety of venues on the North Shore. Mary taught several mosaics classes at Indian University’s continuing education program. She is a member of the Marblehead Arts Association, and is currently VP of Salem Arts Association, Salem, MA. Mary has a studio / workshop at Little Harbor Studios in Marblehead.
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I love taking stone, glass and other hard materials and convert them into delicate representations of our environment. I am inspired by the beautiful yet simple architecture of small New England or Italian Villages. I feel closer to my subject when I create in virtually the same material as my subject. Using the same materials and often similar tools I gain a greater appreciation for the skilled workers that built these wonderful places.
I hope that observers of my work experience the fundamental structure, warmth and beauty that motivated the original craftsman while transporting them to a place they remember or a place they would like to be.
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