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Holiday Artists' Market at Salem Old Town Hall

SOLD OUT with 50 Vendors

We are pleased to invite you to join us as a vendor at the Artists’ Holiday Market at the Old Town Hall in downtown Salem, MA.

  • Saturday November 30, 10 AM to 5 PM
  • Sunday December 1, 10 AM until 5 PM

Here you will find an application for participation along with the market guidelines. As indicated in the guidelines, we are requesting all vendors to bring their own tables and display props to define their selling space and to add to the visual ambiance of this seasonal market. Once we have received and reviewed your application and payment, you will receive an acceptance email  within a week and your space assignment prior to the event.

We are planning a festive market with live music and a seasonal theme.  We are looking forward to seeing a lively market with all kinds of opportunities for our customers to browse and shop for handmade treasures for self, friends and family.

We urge you to check out our website and Facebook pages for updates. Please share us on Facebook and include the marketing promotional materials that you send out or post. The more we cross promote, the more successful the market we’ll be!  We will provide a link to marketing materials.

Here is a useful blog that we came across: 

How to Sell Out: My Tips for Running a Booth

Vendor Guidelines for Artists’ Holiday Market

The Salem Arts Association in partnership with the City of Salem Public Art Commission, Salem Main Streets, and Creative Collective invites artists and artisans (aka vendors) to showcase and sell their work at the Artists’ Holiday Market in historic downtown Salem at the Old Town Hall at Derby Square (entrance off of Essex Street).

The Artists’ Holiday Market will feature a quality selection of vendors of artwork and handmade artisan products including photography, jewelry, clothing, paintings, handbags, etc.

All artists regardless of race, gender, belief, national origin, sexual orientation, or physical disabilities are eligible to apply.

Applications will be juried by our event committee. 


  • Date and Time: 
    • Saturday November 30, 10 AM to 5 PM
    • Sunday December 1, 10 AM to 5 PM
  • Vendor Fee Per Event: 
    • $85 for Salem Arts members 
    • $85 Creative Collective Business Members
    • $175 for potential future members 
of Salem Arts 
    • Fee includes a non-refundable application fee of $15.00. Should any proposal be rejected a refund, minus the application fee, will be issued.
  • Vendor space is approximately 8 x 6 with vendors providing their own tables, chair, lighting, displays, props, etc. Vendors may rent more than one space to create a larger selling area (i.e. 16 x 6) by registering a second time. Limit of two spaces.
  • Vendors may share space at the market, however all parties must be included in the application details and be approved. Vendors are not allowed to bring in outside vendors who have not been approved by the Salem Arts Association.
  • Vendors are required to submit 3 photos of your products and a photo of your display. 
  • Notification of acceptance will be email within 7 days of acceptance after deadline/review. 
  • Payment is required to complete acceptance of registration. 
  • Spaces are limited and are awarded on a first come first served basis. 


Vendors must provide their own tables, lighting, and display surfaces. (access to power is VERY limited so plan to use battery powered accent lights) 

  • Vendors MUST agree to be present for both days of the event. 
  • Vendors may not break down their selling space in advance of the closing time.
  • The hall is secure and vendors may leave their set up overnight on Saturday. 
  • Salem Arts or our partners are not responsible for any loss or damage. 

(Vehicles must be moved before 10am. Parking is available in nearby lots and parking garage.)


Cancellation Policy: No refunds will be granted after the application is accepted. A non-refundable application fee of $15.00 is excluded from the refund if your application is rejected.

Publicity: All paid vendors will be listed on the Salem Arts Association Website and Facebook page as well as local calendar pages. We encourage all vendors to list the Artists’ Holiday Market date on their own website/Facebook page to increase publicity of the event.

Liability: The Collaborators for this event, Salem Arts AssociationSalem Main Streets, Creative Collective, and the City of Salem Public Arts Commission, are not responsible for any damage, loss, or theft of personal belongings or merchandise, or loss of any product. Please be careful and responsible for your selling area and we recommend that vendors carry their own insurance. Any accidents caused by a vendors set-up of or goods will be the responsibility of that vendor. Artists’ Holiday Market is not responsible for any personal injury during the market events.

Sales Tax/Permits: All vendors are responsible for abiding by all tax laws, including sales tax collection, licenses, permits or insurance as required by law to conduct your business.  Artists’ Holiday Market is not responsible for collecting sales tax for vendors from customers.

Media Release/Consent: All Vendors agree to allow Artists’ Holiday Market permission to display all business information and photos on its Facebook page and website. Further, all Vendors grant permission for Artists’ Holiday Market to publish any photos or video taken during the Market for the purpose of promoting all future Salem Arts Association events. All photographs, negatives and videotapes will be the sole property of the Salem Arts Association and its collaborators.


  • To apply, please read our guidelines thoroughly and complete the application form. Please provide the following in your application:
    • Details about your products, display, and participants.
    • Links to your online information and examples should include at least three – five photos for review. 
    • Payment submitted (PayPal Preferred).

We will take into careful consideration product variety, originality and quality of goods to provide a variety of high quality vendors for each market.

Once we have received and reviewed your application and accepted payment, you will receive an acceptance email. Space assignments will be communicated closer to the event dates.

If your application is not accepted you will receive a refund of your application fee, less a $15 application fee. 

Applicants accepted to sell at the Artists’ Holiday Market will be notified by email within 10-days following the application deadline. Application and payment must be made by the date specified above.

Online registration is strongly preferredTo register offline download the registration form and mail with payment to Salem Arts Association, Attn Holiday Artists' Market, P.O. Box 226, Salem MA 01970

Questions? Email info@salemarts.org

Information for Vendors

We at Salem Arts are excited to have you participate as vendors for the Salem Arts Association’s Holiday Artists’ Market.

For those of you that have not paid your vendor fee, it is critical that you do that ASAP. Either mail check to Salem Arts Association PO Box 226 Salem MA 01970 using the info in your invoice. If you have any questions related to your payment contact us at info@salemarts.org. 



Flyers and Graphics

These links will let you download our flyer and graphic for use on your websites and Social Media. 

Flyer PDF










Information for Vendors

You may be a bit stressed, excited, nervous, and anxious! We’re here to tell you that it is all completely normal! Take a deep breath, and stay positive. This Holiday Artists’ Market is going to be a great experience. 


The Day of the Artists’ Market


We will be at Old town Hall Friday late afternoon laying out space. If you would like to come late afternoon between 4:00 to 7:00 PM to set up, let us know, otherwise setup begins at 8:00 AM Sat to be ready for 10am open doors. There is an elevator to the second floor. Please bring a dolly to make your move in easier.

    If you have special requests for booth space let it be known to us now. Mote that access to electricity is very limited so keep thsi in mind if you require power. Most spaces with power will be on the upper floor. 

    You can arrive as early as 8:00 AM and no later than 9:00 AM to set up on Saturday. That’s not a lot of time before doors open at 10:00 so please come early and be organized.

    When you arrive check in with the Salem Arts table on the first floor and someone will help you locate your market space.

    LOAD IN:

    The main entrance to Salem Old Town Hall is around the front side of the building if you’re facing it from Essex Street.  There is a set of double doors.

    There are two floors. Lower floor is straight through the doors in to the hall. Upper floor uses the stairs to the left of the main doors. There’s a second set of stairs in the back of the lower floor too. Please be patient loading your displays and merchandise as there will be other vendors loading in at the same time.

    If you have a complex display please contact us and we may allow set up the evening prior by appointment. 

    LOAD OUT:  Please be patient while loading out. Load in is usually scattered but load out everyone is tired after a long and exciting day.  Take turns and it will all go smoothly. 

    PARKING:  You can park along the sides of the Old Town Hall building during load in and Load Out only.  There is no parking at Old Town Hall. There is street parking and there are several public parking lots and garages nearby. Also parking is FREE on Sundays in Salem. Vehicles must be removed from around Old Town Hall before 10:00 AM.



    You are responsible for any tables, displays, and hardware required to hang your work. There will be limited access to outlets so please let us know what special needs you have beforehand. Additional lighting is encouraged! If you have lighting you can utilize for your space, bring it!  Also bring extension cords and power strips as needed. Spruce up you space with a string of Christmas lights or accent lights, even a floor lamp will do!  Battery-operated lights are also great due to limited access to outlets.

    NO UP LIGHTING!! Up lighting not only can be unflattering to your work but it can be dangerous!! Beyond folks potentially tripping on your lights it can blind them!! Seriously, don’t do it!  

    You must bring your own tables!  ALL tables must be skirted! You can get creative here!  Before you go shopping take a look around your house!  A bedside table can be transformed into a display space!  Bookcases are narrow enough not to deter people from approaching your space but have multiple shelves to display framed work or prints!  Some artists bring most of their work in milk crates, then flip the crates over and cover them with a fabric and used the some to stack prints in. Don't overcrowd your space make it easy for people to look and buy.

      Think festive holiday decor for your display. 

      Your Business Name/Logo MUST be visible as part of your display, banner, and/or signage. Not only does it help management but it also is an essential business practice! You might have bags with ribbons attached for that person who doesn’t want to gift wrap. Or you might include a gift tag with your name on the back. 

      Please make sure and have tablecloths that are floor length for all tables. Also make sure that additional stock, boxes, trash etc.. will be hidden under your tables. Displays must be kept tidy, neat and organized.

      Keep things neat and tidy and be considerate of your neighbors.  All trash must be kept out of view of the public and must be removed by you at the end of the day. 

      The amount of space I provide is approximately 8’ X 6’.  If your work is larger scale we will do our best to figure out the best spot to place you to accommodate a few bigger pieces. 



      Here are a couple of helpful tips to ensure you get everything done on time and have a successful Holiday Artists’ Market!



      Visualize your space as if you were a guest at the Holiday Artists’ Market. Where would your eyes go, what would keep visitors engaged and interested. Make sure that you're putting your best foot forward.


      Don't forget your business cards, if you have them.


      Dress nicely; you're representing yourself and your brand.


      Make a checklist and pack your car the night before, this way you can wake up and only worry about feeding and dressing yourself before you're out the door.


      Bring back-up equipment, lights, extension cords, gear etc. You never know what you might need extra of. 


      Have an e-mail sign up list! Capture the information of people at the Holiday Artists’ Market. There will be lots of eyeballs. If they're buzzing around your work, or want to know more about you as a talented artist, make sure you find out who they are!

      Food and Drinks:  

      There are several cafes, restaurants, and coffee shops nearby. Be sure to feed yourself before the Artists Market gets busy. Nobody wants to see you stuffing a burger in to your face while they’re shopping. 

      Stay HYDRATED!!  It’s a big day for each of you!! While you might get halfway through the day on adrenaline and coffee! NOT HEALTHY!! Bring your own water for you and your assistants.  Salem Arts will also be selling bottled water.


      Internet & WIFI:  

      Salem Old Town Hall does NOT provide WIFI or Internet access. There is the City of Salem free WIFI with No Password But it will be slow.  Please do not depend on using the Salem Free WIFI network for any of your presentation or sales.  PayPal and Square readers should work off your phone’s data or consider budgeting using your phone as a WIFI host spot.  If you are intending on having a slide show on a laptop or iPad, please prepare to show it without WIFI.


      We highly recommend getting yourself set up with Pay Pal or Square to be able to take credit cards for purchases!  Signing up with is easy and they send you a FREE reader that can be attached to any smart phone or tablet! Don't forget to have enough change for cash sales.


      No sale signs or discount signs allowed, instead you can offer multiple units for a price. 

      People like to know what things cost so keep that in mind when making your pricing signs. 

      Across the country the “sweet spot” for pricing tends to be in the $35-$40 range.  That does not mean someone won’t purchase a $1000 original painting, BUT work priced in that range moves the fastest.  If you’re new to selling there is a great app that helps you price your work!  Check it out here:  http://www.artpricecalculator.com/  There is a free trial available or you can purchase the app for $1.99! 

      New fans are more likely to consider buying a piece if they can clearly see the price marked.  Make creative tags or use price stickers.


      Guest LOVE give-aways!  Small buttons or postcards made to give out to guests in addition to business cards are a great idea. Any type of wearable art is a great tool to extend your promotions beyond the event.  Even a magnet hanging on someone’s refrigerator that catches a visitor’s eye is one more person exposed to your work!   

      Hopefully these tips help you have the best Holiday Artists’ Market possible. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us. We are so honored to have you participate in the Salem Arts Holiday Artists’ Market!

      Questions? Email info@salemarts.org



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