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Over $4000 in prizes!!!

Win great prizes every day during December. Each day we'll give away something special. Win artwork and crafts created by our members, Items donated by local businesses including dining, entertainment, services, even a harbor cruise. 

How to Win:

  • Purchase a raffle ticket online or at the gallery for only $25 each. Sales continue until all prizes are awarded. 
    • Your purchase is your ticket to win. When you check out provide your name, phone number and email address. We use this info to place you in the drawing and contact you when you win. 
  • Free entries when you spend $100 or more at the gallery
  • We pull a name every day from December 1 through 31
  • If you win your name stays in the drawing and you could win again
  • Winners will be contacted via email and announced on our Facebook Page

The more entries you buy the more you could win!

List of Daily Prizes

December 1 (2 Drawings)

Painting - Kitten Heels 6x6 inch acrylic on canvas by Sheila Billings ($50)


Knit Cap by Lois Hardy. ($25)

December 2 - Value $75

Handmade Purse - Upholstery Fabric, leather, gold chain. by Sue Grillo, Lily Royale Productions. 

December 3 – Value $150

Painting – “My Ocean”, 10x20 by Sara Ashodian. 

December 4 - Value $75

Handmade Doll - Elinor Peace Baily by Lois Hardy. 

December 5 – Value $200

Jeanine Pelkey Photography - Gift Certificate for a Family Portrait Photo Shoot and a set of Jeannine Pelkey Photograph Note Cards. 


December 6 - Value $175

Jewelry - Mother of Pearl and Pearl Necklace by Sandra Golbert. 


December 7 (2 Drawings)

Salem Common & House of the Seven Gables Fabric Face Masks by Jim Bostick ($32),

Handmade Knit Cap by Lois Hardy ($25)

December 8 – (2 Drawings)

Shindig Gift Card for $50


Handmade Knit Cap by Lois Hardy ($25)

9-Dec – Value $100

Gourd Head Doll by Lois Hardy ($50) and Shell Face Mermaid Doll by Lois Hardy ($50)

December 10 – Value $100

Painting by Dara Panabaker (donated by Michelle McHugh)

December 11 – Value $200


Tree of Life Top Hat by Therese DeVoe ($150) and Magic Pendulum with Fresh Water Pearl by Zenovia Limberakis ($25)



December 12 – Value $200

Molly Dolly, Handmade fabric, beadwork Doll by Sandra Golbert


December 13 – Value $95

Win a 2 hour fused glass workshop for 1 person donated by Diablo Glass School, with instruction donated by Ellen Garvey.  Make your own snowflake or Star of David suncatcher.  Tools, basic glass cutting, and kiln forming theory will all be covered.  No experience necessary. 


December 14  (2 Drawings)


Gourmet Collection - Jean Louise Pasta Shop Assorted Gourmet Pasta ($25), Williams Sonoma Pasta Bowl $20 (donated by Michelle Fradette) The Branch Olive Oil Company large bottle of Tuscan Herb Olive Oil ($30),


Crochet Box Country Store Salad Tongs & Tote Bag ($25)


December 15 –(2 drawings)


“Seasons” 16 x 20 matted print by Sheila Farren Billings ($45)


Shell Face Mermaid Doll by Lois Hardy ($40)

December 16 - Value $45

"Lazy Larry" Driftwood Bedazzled Fish by Dawn Jenkins 


December 17 - Value $75

"Pitcher" photograph on Aluminum by Karen Hosking


December 18  (2 Drawings)

Schooner Fame Cruise – two vouchers for 2021 Season (Value $76)


"Salinas" Mixed Media, Collage, Oil on Canvas Board by Gary LaParl (Value $125)

December 19 – Value $280


Jewelry and Scarf - Purple Fringe Necklace by Sandra Golbert ($250) and Blue and Gold 60" Scarf by Peggy MacNeil ($30)


December 20 – Value $190


Craft Supplies & Book – “Making Miniature Flowers with Polymer Clay” Book, Assorted colors of Sculpy and Premo Brand oven bake Clay, Sculpey oven thermometer (Donated by Sheila Farren Billings) 

December 21 (2 drawings)


Seagull Stoneware Mug by Dots Pots/Dorothy Arthur ($40), and $25 Pamplemousse Gift Card (donated by the Survilas Family)



Party Basket: bottle of Pinot Grigio, Wine Glasses, a red blend, pasta, sauce, wine topper and cocktail napkins ($50)

December 22 (2 Drawings)

Art Clock with Abstract Photographic Design by David Alexander ($40)


Charlie Harper Tree of Life Block Puzzle Set by Dunbar Design ($25)

December 23 (3 Drawings)

Collection of handmade dolls by Lois Hardy


Two-sided Doll ($35), "Huggie" doll ($22)

“Crafty Lady” Doll ($28), Bear Doll ($8), And a fabric pear ($8)

“When Old People Wear Purple” doll ($25), “Recycled Rita” Mudcloth Doll ($25), Rag Doll ($18)

December 24 – Value $62


Chinese Tea Set with Imported English Biscuits from the Peabody Essex Museum Shop


December 25 – Value $400

Arborway Studio One Hour Photo Session


December 26 – Value $325

Botanial Cyanotype Framed Artwork by Patricia Scialo


December 27 (2 Drawings)

Two Peabody Essex Museum Annual Family Memberships - Value $110 each


December 28 (2 Drawings)

Mercy Tavern Gift Certificate ($50)


Etched bottle of Cabernet Wine by Dancing Sands/Jack Walsh ($80)


December 29 (2 Drawings)

Scrimshaw Letter Opener by Mary Ellen McHugh-Sullivan ($58)

Artwork Sculpture - Beige Urchin, Fabric beadwork sculpture by Sandra Golbert ($80) 


December 30 – Value $190


Good Luck Top Hat by Therese DeVoe ($165) and Magic Pendulum with Tiger Eye by Zenovia Limberakis ($25)



December 31 – Value $210

Tiki Hut Boat Charter – Six-Person voucher for a party Cruise to be used in 2021 Season




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